Food is my Friend.

Recently, I came across the site FoodGawker, a site for showing off fanciful food. It is absolutely jam packed full of gorgeous pictures, food blogs, and yummy food. There are nearly 100,000 recipes on this site!

DSC 0191 Mint Chocolate Cookies

I personally made those gorgeous cookies above. They are AMAZAZING. They were slightly dry(for me), but otherwise, yummy!

chicken pita salad recipe

Don’t the two of those look delish? I absolutely love Thai Green Curry, can’t get enough of it.

I love living in the Bay Area, because you can get any type of food, and more specifically, good food, pretty much anywhere. Often, the best food places are hidden, and you have to be willing to go out there and get it. In my town, the gas station has some amazing Chicken Tikka Masala for sale, and it isn’t expensive at all! And the portions are big , too  (:


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