Nail Lacquer

I love painting my nails. A lot. But, I also bite my nails. Eeew. Gotta cut that out. But anyway, I love getting new polishes to test out. My most recent aquisitions were traffic-cone orange, shiny forest green, and bright purple. I especially adore the purple, as it is my favorite color. Sometimes, though, I get a little crazy, and do some funkylicious designs on my nails. Here’s a bit of inspiration for summer(or anytime!) nails.

1. Pastels!

2. Pretty Golden Sparkles(sorry the pics so small, it’d be so pixelated otherwise.)

3. Polka Dots

4. Feathers? MEE-OWW!

5. All a Different Color

Rawr, awesome! I’m off to paint my nails! Adios (;

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