Pose for the Camera, Now *click,click,click*

Photography has become a “thing”. It seems like cameras keep getting better, etc., and people can take better and better picture without any real skill. Photography has been in my family, not as a job, but just a hobby. My Nana took pictures when my mom was a kid, and my mother took photos basically her whole life. I love taking pictures!

The camera I have now is a simple digital camera, with a Carl Zeiss lens. I’ve taken lots of good, dare I say, even great photos with it, but… it seems to me that there is no variety. I absolutely adore photos with light leaks, fades, or anything that makes it different. So, I headed on over to the thrift store, and grabbed me up a Polaroid camera! I got it for only $3.00, which, really, is about normal, but no shipping! (:

Sorry about the face, not very… smiley hahaha

Well, all I have to do is get some film! It’s so expensive though, bleh. Ok, hasta la vista!


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