Etsy Love

I’ve been browsing Etsy quite a bit in recent times. Here are a few things I am coveting!

This is absolutely beautiful. I would hang this in my room, amongst several other embroidery hoops, filled with pretty pictures and doilies.

I absolutely adore the T-bird beading on Minnetonka moccasins. This color is one of my favorites too! Also, they are about my size (; (I have very big feet.)

This is super cute! I love the geometric design of this piece, and the colors… mmmmm!

Isn’t this skirt fabulous? I love the color scheme (navy, red, white, teal, yellow).

I love the tooled look of this hippie/bohemian bag. It’s so different and refreshing compared to the chained, dark bags on the market today.

This ring reminds me of something my Nana would have worn. She absolutely loved the turquoise jewelry, and has in fact passed some on to me! I also love the silver mixed with coral and turquoise, yum!

This. Dress. Is. Incredible.


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