Room Inspiration!

Sooooo… we went to the dump and got rid of an old mattress/boxspring set, and some other stuff, but the most important was we got rid of the nasty futon that has been living in my room for the past year or so. YAY!!! Now, I’m way excited to make my room look super pretty and awesome. I want to add some feng shui elements, but my room is kinda small, so that will be difficult. But anyway, I’m going to show you how my dream bedroom would look.

First, let’s discuss colors/paint. I’m thinking light grey walls. Grey is my favorite color.

This is a really nice almost monochromatic color scheme, and that wall color is awesome. I quite like the stool too (zebra (: )

First, a desk. I’m going to need more space to study next school year because I’m taking on a lot of harder classes. Instead of only polishing half, I would polish all of the pennies, so it would be a bright addition to my room. Or maybe…

Wouldn’t this look fabulous against a barely-there grey wall? *sigh*

Next up, a chair. I love sitting in chairs, cross legged. But, since I’m tall, it’s hard to find a comfortable chair that is big enough. I absolutely adore wingback chairs and hanging seats!

This is the perfect chair. This picture is absolute perfection, actually, with the chevron rug and crackled stool/table. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

Super cute! I don’t know where this picture is from, please help if you know (:

And now, the bed. Since I won’t be changing the actual bed frame(which is medium wood), here are some awesome blankets and pillows. I really like the chevron pattern, and adding it to my room with a quilt seems to be the easiest way to do it.

These pillows are so much fun, but too expensive for me; I’ll just have to make my own!


Well, that’s all for now! I’m sure I’ll come up with some more fabulous design ideas!











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