I love to knit and crochet, and recently, I’ve been crocheting a lot more than knitting. Right now, I’m working on a yellow and grey granny square blanket, and the squares are arranged in a chevron pattern. It’s gonna look awesome.  I love looking at what other people have made, so here’s a bit of what I’ve seen and loved!

I love this color combination. It’s really fresh and light! Also, these aren’t standard granny squares, I think they start with a circular piece in the center.

So, two years ago, I made a stool in Woodshop class, so I really really want to try this out! Soo pretty. It’s inspired by Attic24, who is completely awesome.

Isn’t that so nice! It looks so summer, I could see this in my room. Or maybe a bunch of them!(:

Aren’t these adorable! When I first saw this picture, I thought they were bigger than they are. I only realized it in the comparison picture! Haha. I love the rainbow of colors too.

O.K., to keep this post from getting too picture heavy, I’ll put some links y’all can click through to see more pretties!

This blue and gray pillow is awesome! I think I’ll whip up a purple and gray version sometime. (:

This photo is simply gorgeous. I love doilies, and I want to know where those buttons are going!

Oooh, circles! These are in such a nice palette, and very well done.

And, last but most certainly not least, crocheted pillows! But, wait, there’s more!

Bye all!


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