Sixteen before Seventeen

I am sixteen going on seventeen, hmmhmhmhmhmmmmmmm… I used to watch that movie everyday when I was a wee one. Funny, when I watched it recently, I hardly remembered any of it! So, I’m going to set aside a list of sixteen things I want to do before I turn seventeen! I really hope that I can get most of these done before next year! These things are in absolutely no order, at all.

1.  Have a family portrait session done. (There are 17 of us locals!)

2. Grow out my nails and stop biting them

3. Sew a great outfit!

4. Save for my dream car (a vintage, powdery blue or royal blue, slightly rusty Volkswagon Beetle) 

5. Acquire a Fujimax Instax and film/mucho film for my Polaroid.

6. Go on a roadtrip. Big or small, camper or not, let’s hit the road!

7. Stop wearing sweatshirts. Yuck!

8. Completely clean my room, and make it really pretty.

9. Get my drivers license!

10. Learn tatting. Make a huge owl tat, ala Violet Bella.

11. Wear dresses and skirts more. Stop being so self-conscious about your legs!

12. Volunteer at the local library (I hate when the books/dvds etc. aren’t in alphabetical order!)

13. Knit, spin, crochet more (finish my blanket!!)

14. Go thrifting more often

15. Smile more. Everyone thinks I’m mean because I don’t smile!

16. Be DIY!!

…oops, I don’t have enough room! So, here are a few more (:

17. Get all my Nana’s best/favorite recipes together in a safe, written spot.

18. Be a better blogger

19. Sew a quilt from old/vintage sheets

20. Make this cake!

21. Improve my handwriting.

I’ll add more if I think of any!

See ya!


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