Fall Fashions

Sorry that I haven’t posted in so long! I have been super busy with school and… my party! It was totally awesome, except the D.J. didn’t play the right music… Oh well, it was loads of fun!

Here in California, they say we only have two seasons… summer from March to October, and the rest is winter, but lately, it has been getting colder, and, dare I say it, a fall season may be occurring soon! Yay! Fall and Winter are my favorite season of all, because of all the layering you can do. I must sound like the entire blogging community right now, but it is SO true! Anyway, here is a list of awesome stuff to wear during the fall season.

1. Cardigans

Fab Contrast Color Cardigan by F21

Leatherette Heart Cardigan by F21

On a Clear Day Cardigan by ModCloth

These nifty little buggers are so helpful during the colder seasons. They can really spice up an outfit and look super duper cute! They are pretty much universally flattering, too.

2. A Cute Purse

Many the Miles Mini Crossbody Bag by Ruche

Dakota Dream Crossbody Bag by Ruche

I love long purses, and over-the-shoulder ones are definitely adorable! Plus, they are super convenient, because you don’t have to readjust the strap every 30 seconds. And, comfy for bike rides. Also, fringe and tassels are so in right now! My current bag has a tassel (:

3. Superb Shoes

Right now, cutout shoes are super appealing to me, but I can’t find any in my size! But, I just got a bunch of new shoes a couple of weekends ago, and I’m so excited about wearing them all the time! I got those gray moccasins, and I love them!

4. Pretty Tops

Pretty Protaganist Top by ModCloth

Sheer Blue Day Tunic by ModCloth

I’m not a huge fan of wearing dresses in the fall, because I don’t like tights, and it’s too cold otherwise. So, I generally stick with jeans with pretty tops and cardigans. I love love love babydoll tops!

5. Accessories

Lens Get Gorgeous Ring by ModCloth

Style Sultana Necklace by ModCloth

Goldfish Bubble Umbrella

Of course, accessories are appropriate for all year, but during fall they are especially awesome. I love wearing slouchy berets and rings! Accessories really DO make an outfit.

So, those are my top five categories for clothing in the fall! I’m might be going out shopping later today, so I’ll try to post what I get! See ya!

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