Update on 16 Before 17 and me!

Well, it seems like this year has gone by so crazy fast. I have been so busy with school, it’s nuts. Well, I got back my AP scores, and passed both tests! Yippee! I didn’t get top scores, but I’m still pretty happy. I also took the SAT, and got around 1950, so not too shabby. (: Well, I’m signed up for 3 AP classes next year, plus Physics, Yearbook, and Journalism, eek! I’ll have to make it work!

Anywho, on to the update! As I was going back through this, I was surprised at the things that happened, and the things that didn’t, so here we go!

1.  Have a family portrait session done. (There are 17 of us locals!) – Still not done! Family life has been hectic, with half of us moving to a nearby city, and all sorts of craziness.

2. Grow out my nails and stop biting them. – Nope. Working on it.

3. Sew a great outfit! – Nope. However, I did sew a great chiffon maxi skirt (pics to come), and several pieces for a musical at school.

4. Save for my dream car (a vintage, powdery blue or royal blue, slightly rusty Volkswagon Beetle). – I have started a jar for this, but nowhere near enough dough yet.

5. Acquire a Fujimax Instax and film/mucho film for my Polaroid. – DONE! My mom and I photographed a wedding on July 4, and the bride gave me her Instax Wide as a thank you! I literally jumped up and down, it was amazing! Thanks Holly!!

6. Go on a roadtrip. Big or small, camper or not, let’s hit the road! – No, upsettingly. Though, the opportunity may arise sooner rather than later.

7. Stop wearing sweatshirts. Yuck! – Check, except for the really cold/sick days.

8. Completely clean my room, and make it really pretty. – No. In progress.

9. Get my drivers license! – Don’t even have the permit yet. Sigh.

10. Learn tatting. Make a huge owl tat, ala Violet Bella. – Nope.

11. Wear dresses and skirts more. Stop being so self-conscious about your legs! – Yep. This was more about showing my legs, but I am wearing more skirts and shorts.

12. Volunteer at the local library (I hate when the books/dvds etc. aren’t in alphabetical order!) – Although we never actually alphabetize books, yes, I am volunteering, and have been since last August.

13. Knit, spin, crochet more (finish my blanket!!). – No, sadly.

14. Go thrifting more often. – Nope, I’ve been going less than ever before, which feels weird.

15. Smile more. Everyone thinks I’m mean because I don’t smile! – I’m going to cross this off as a halfway completed. I feel like I smile more, but my family still tells me to smile a lot.

16. Be DIY!! – Yes!! More DIY than ever before, which feels great!

17. Get all my Nana’s best/favorite recipes together in a safe, written spot. – Nope, but I guess I realized that my Nana really doesn’t have a lot of recipes, so none to collect. (She usually just throws things together willy-nilly and it tastes good.)

18. Be a better blogger. – Hehehe, FAIL.

19. Sew a quilt from old/vintage sheets – Psh, no.

20. Make this cake! – Well, I didn’t but my friends made it for me! Does that count?

21. Improve my handwriting. – I’m working on it over the summer.

So there you go! Only 8 things completed, woohoo! I’m working on some new inspirational posts, along with showing off some of my creations/goodies! Also, coming up, a playlist? We’ll see. Ta!

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