Paper Flowers

So, I’ve been making a few crafty things for a bridal shower this weekend, and the theme is fiesta. Well, I made some giant tissue paper flowers, and I got to looking around at all the paper flowers that are out in the world, and I thought I’d show you guys some of the awesomeness. They are all so pretty, and I am definitely making some for my room/ceiling :) (Click on the picture for a link/diy)

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I absolutely love this garland. It’s the colors that draw me the most! Also, that bear is adorkable.

I have made these before, once for a school art project, and they are so fun, quick, and really cute.

Tissue Paper Flower

This is so cute, and I’ve never seen it before! I really like the little twists at the end of each flower.

OK, well I’ll post soon! <3


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