Studly Studs (and Spikes)

So lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about studding stuff. Those fancy studded shorts that are so popular are so cute, when done properly. So, here is a bunch of studly inspiration! I’m definitely going to buy some studs of off soon, so cheap!! And now commences the studliness.

Studded Bustier LARGE Corset Floral Silver OR Gold Studs

Seriously, this is so cute! When I was looking for my prom dress earlier, I considered making my own, and using a bustier with a TON of fabric attached to the bottom was top of my list! Plus, this has that cute mix of girly/motorcycle chic, ya know? Check this girl out! ShopChicStud

I love love this idea! Seriously, if/when I get an iPhone, this is so happening, I never carry my phone in my pockets anyways. But, I’d do really long spikes at the top, and gradually get smaller, so it could sit up by itself. It works in my head, haha. Plus, it’d make me look like a badass (;

So awesome!!!!! I love the blue color, and the studs, and everything about this. So. Cool.

There is so much to do with studs! Can’t wait to order my bag :) Ciao!


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