TV Shows

So, I’ve been at my dad’s house, and just watched an unplanned marathon of Pretty Little Liars, 12 episodes in one day. It’s addicting! I never thought I would like that show so much, it seems so silly when people talk about it. Anyway, I’m also watching Ugly Betty, which I’m almost done with :( Only about 5 episodes or so left, which totally sucks cause that’s one of my favorite shows ever! But my all time favorite is definitely NCIS. I haven’t watched it in forever, because I don’t have cable, but I should rent the seasons and have a marathon of that.

I’ve also watched Lie to Me, which is a very unique show. It’s all about solving mysteries by watching facial ticks, it’s pretty cool.

Starting tomorrow is our county fair, so I’m so ready to go to that. It should be pretty good. Ciao!


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