I couldn’t think of a better title, but nevertheless, here goes! From the Peddler’s Fair…


Kodak Hawkeye Camera – $20

Camera Strap – $3

Wavy Ring – $1

Dreamcatcher Keychain – $1

So spent a total of $25, so not too bad. When I saw the camera, I was SO excited, I was holding it for a good five minutes like I’d just found buried treasure. I think it was the green that excited me the most. It was marked at 25 dollars, and the shop owner (Unicorn Turds)  said she had marked it a little high, hinting that I should haggle with her. I freaked out! It was really scary, I’m not good at haggling at all. Anyway, after standing there for a few more minutes, I said, “OK, how about twenty?” and she said, “Perfect.” Phew! She told me it would take 35mm film, but it turns out it only takes 126 film, which isn’t made anymore, and is almost impossible to get (A.K.A., harder than Polaroid film), which totally blows. Also, it turns out that this camera was made in the fifties/sixties specifically for commercial use, so it would only be in advertising, etc, not sold retail. So pretty cool.

I got the camera strap because I am planning on buying my first Nikon after my birthday, and I am so excited!!! I was thinking D40, but any suggestions?

And then, the other day, we headed over to the thrift store (Eco-Thrift), went to town. I got like five tee shirts and two pairs of jeans, which considering I can hardly ever find stuff I like at the thrift store, was pretty exciting. But, they aren’t really pretty to look at, so no picture, sorry. But my sister did find this great bag for me, here is a similar one. Actually, it is almost the same, but mine has no flap at the top.

Southwestern Bucket Bag Tooled Leather Aztec Print Fall Fashion Shoulder Bag


p.s. how cool is this? Gel-ink post-its! SO COOL!!

Gel-ink Memo Cubes

p.p.s. sorry about the crap behind my haul photo. I was trying to clean my camera lens :)



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