The Hunt

My town is having it’s annual Peddler’s Fair this weekend. It’s basically a giant flea market, probably around 500 stalls, and it takes up an entire street. It’s the closest flea market for vintage/handmade stuff to me, so I’m definitely going to hit it up this weekend. My mom lives approximately 20 feet from it, so I’m going to go once in the morning, and once at the end, just so I can get the best deals.

Anyways, here is my list of goodies I will be on the lookout for.

1. Vintage Cameras and Film – I’m addicted to film photography, and I’d love to test out some expired film. The chance of finding any film is pretty slim, but Brownie, Polaroid, and other vintage cameras will definitely make an appearance. This is what I’m going to be looking for in the morning, so I can snatch it up before anyone else does.

Pinned Imagecameras cameras cameras

2. Rings – Specifically turquoise rings, but honestly, I have huge fingers, so anything that fits me is probably going in my bag. I’ll also keep an eye out for 18k+ gold jewelry, but not very closely.

photo : A+VVintage gold necklaces

3. A Bag – I need a new bag for school,so why not check out some vintage ones? Specifically Samsonite and overnight bags, but I’ll be looking out for everything.

I love vintage Samsonite :-).Vintage Purses

4. Posters/Pictures/Stuff-to-hang-on-my-walls – I’ve got this great blank wall in my room, and I’ve started filling it up with goodies, but I hate cutting up my magazines for fodder, so I’ll be on the lookout for these near the end of the day, o they will hopefully be cheap.

Bedroom wallagain, like the lights and stand-out wall, also the day-bed style

5. Vintage Dresses – While I doubt any will be there, I’m crossing my fingers! Maybe even some from the 70’s!(those prairie mini dresses are quite flattering when belted!)

Vintage lamp & dresses.



Lovely Stuff

Yes, another inspiration post. This is a bunch of cool clothes and other stuff that I’d love to make mine someday.

Nouveau Richard Backpack - Tan, Brown, Black, Casual, Urban

I’m on the lookout for a cute backpack for school, and this is definitely cute!

Handmade Vintage Map Lampshade


This really cool lampshade. I have the most boring lampshade in the world, so I best get on that!


A super awesome dress from Vanilla & Lace. Looove it!


God, I really want these shoes! The rainbow just makes them so freakin’ awesome, and I can rarely find them in my size in any color scheme. Gah!





Lately, I’ve been really admiring piercings. A few girls at school have their entire earlobes pierced, and I love it! I really want an eyebrow piercing, and have for a few years now. Most people think I shouldn’t… but I really want to! But, I’m kinda chicken about the whole needle thing ): Anyway, here are some awesome pictures of pretty piercings!

While I was researching, I realized that a lot of piercings look gaudy and scary. I prefer the simple, understated piercings a lot more than giant gauges or corset piercings, etc. Just a personal preference that you could probably infer form the pictures :)

Fall Fashions

Sorry that I haven’t posted in so long! I have been super busy with school and… my party! It was totally awesome, except the D.J. didn’t play the right music… Oh well, it was loads of fun!

Here in California, they say we only have two seasons… summer from March to October, and the rest is winter, but lately, it has been getting colder, and, dare I say it, a fall season may be occurring soon! Yay! Fall and Winter are my favorite season of all, because of all the layering you can do. I must sound like the entire blogging community right now, but it is SO true! Anyway, here is a list of awesome stuff to wear during the fall season.

1. Cardigans

Fab Contrast Color Cardigan by F21

Leatherette Heart Cardigan by F21

On a Clear Day Cardigan by ModCloth

These nifty little buggers are so helpful during the colder seasons. They can really spice up an outfit and look super duper cute! They are pretty much universally flattering, too.

2. A Cute Purse

Many the Miles Mini Crossbody Bag by Ruche

Dakota Dream Crossbody Bag by Ruche

I love long purses, and over-the-shoulder ones are definitely adorable! Plus, they are super convenient, because you don’t have to readjust the strap every 30 seconds. And, comfy for bike rides. Also, fringe and tassels are so in right now! My current bag has a tassel (:

3. Superb Shoes

Right now, cutout shoes are super appealing to me, but I can’t find any in my size! But, I just got a bunch of new shoes a couple of weekends ago, and I’m so excited about wearing them all the time! I got those gray moccasins, and I love them!

4. Pretty Tops

Pretty Protaganist Top by ModCloth

Sheer Blue Day Tunic by ModCloth

I’m not a huge fan of wearing dresses in the fall, because I don’t like tights, and it’s too cold otherwise. So, I generally stick with jeans with pretty tops and cardigans. I love love love babydoll tops!

5. Accessories

Lens Get Gorgeous Ring by ModCloth

Style Sultana Necklace by ModCloth

Goldfish Bubble Umbrella

Of course, accessories are appropriate for all year, but during fall they are especially awesome. I love wearing slouchy berets and rings! Accessories really DO make an outfit.

So, those are my top five categories for clothing in the fall! I’m might be going out shopping later today, so I’ll try to post what I get! See ya!

Etsy Love

It’s definitely time for another Etsy Love! There is just soooooo much to love about Etsy.

Isn’t this necklace so cute! I’d love to wear this with a loose shirt and jeans.

I love striped straws. Period.

So cute. My mama collects typewriters, and this would be so cute as an addition!

I really like this! I might have to make something similar.

This is super cute. I’d have to work up my courage to wear this piece! But I love the colors.


Sewing Inspiration

Phew, it’s HOT! Today’s temperature isn’t really that high, but it feels really warm inside my house. Today, I thought I’d share some of my sewing inspiration. My inspiration folder is overflowing, so here’s a bit of fun stuff that is oh so pretty.

I really like the cutout back and designs on dresses and shoes these days, but unfortunately, I have no such clothing. Poor me!

Really like these scalloped shorts. I have tons of old jeans that I don’t wear anymore, so perfect for a bit of DIY (:

I really like this bag. It’s unique, and big enough for school too, so I’ll have to buy some fabric soon!

I love this shirt, but don’t think I’m gutsy enough to wear it in public, unless I wore a cami underneath it.

Well, there ya go! I have to dash, bye!