I couldn’t think of a better title, but nevertheless, here goes! From the Peddler’s Fair…


Kodak Hawkeye Camera – $20

Camera Strap – $3

Wavy Ring – $1

Dreamcatcher Keychain – $1

So spent a total of $25, so not too bad. When I saw the camera, I was SO excited, I was holding it for a good five minutes like I’d just found buried treasure. I think it was the green that excited me the most. It was marked at 25 dollars, and the shop owner (Unicorn Turds)  said she had marked it a little high, hinting that I should haggle with her. I freaked out! It was really scary, I’m not good at haggling at all. Anyway, after standing there for a few more minutes, I said, “OK, how about twenty?” and she said, “Perfect.” Phew! She told me it would take 35mm film, but it turns out it only takes 126 film, which isn’t made anymore, and is almost impossible to get (A.K.A., harder than Polaroid film), which totally blows. Also, it turns out that this camera was made in the fifties/sixties specifically for commercial use, so it would only be in advertising, etc, not sold retail. So pretty cool.

I got the camera strap because I am planning on buying my first Nikon after my birthday, and I am so excited!!! I was thinking D40, but any suggestions?

And then, the other day, we headed over to the thrift store (Eco-Thrift), went to town. I got like five tee shirts and two pairs of jeans, which considering I can hardly ever find stuff I like at the thrift store, was pretty exciting. But, they aren’t really pretty to look at, so no picture, sorry. But my sister did find this great bag for me, here is a similar one. Actually, it is almost the same, but mine has no flap at the top.

Southwestern Bucket Bag Tooled Leather Aztec Print Fall Fashion Shoulder Bag


p.s. how cool is this? Gel-ink post-its! SO COOL!!

Gel-ink Memo Cubes

p.p.s. sorry about the crap behind my haul photo. I was trying to clean my camera lens :)




Hey y’all! Today is the big day of my announcement of my new product! For my blog readers, I’ve decided to offer a fifteen percent discount! Here is the code: NEW15 . Here is a quick look at what I’ve been working on.

Sprinkles and Scallops: Light-Up Cake Ring with Fancy Adjustable Band


Pretty cute huh? I think they would be great for birthday parties and presents, and guess what? They LIGHT-UP! So cool, and it flickers just like a candle! Thanks all for checking this out! Ciao!

p.s. mah link! – http://www.etsy.com/shop/ladadajo?ref=si_shop


Oh my gosh, it’s already August! Which also means, my birthday month! It’s on a Monday this year, and so hopefully we will spend the weekend shopping and celebrating. On August 2, we went to the county fair and took some ‘senior pictures’; we will definitely be taking more, they didn’t turn out so great.

I ordered a bunch of stuff from Etsy for that new project I’m working on, so hopefully I’ll be able to make some up and start selling soon! I’m really excited about this project, it just feels really good, ya know? :) Ok, ciao!

TV Shows

So, I’ve been at my dad’s house, and just watched an unplanned marathon of Pretty Little Liars, 12 episodes in one day. It’s addicting! I never thought I would like that show so much, it seems so silly when people talk about it. Anyway, I’m also watching Ugly Betty, which I’m almost done with :( Only about 5 episodes or so left, which totally sucks cause that’s one of my favorite shows ever! But my all time favorite is definitely NCIS. I haven’t watched it in forever, because I don’t have cable, but I should rent the seasons and have a marathon of that.

I’ve also watched Lie to Me, which is a very unique show. It’s all about solving mysteries by watching facial ticks, it’s pretty cool.

Starting tomorrow is our county fair, so I’m so ready to go to that. It should be pretty good. Ciao!


/rant begin

So, I’ve been using my mom’s old Nikon FE for a couple weeks, taking shots here and there to not mess up the old film. So, I finished them up today, and was going to head over to Costco to get them developed, popped open the back (after 20 minutes researching how to do that), and voila! no film!!! ARGH. /end rant

Ok, well I just set up my first roll of film ever to be developed (from a different camera), and am so so excited to see how they turn out. I am worried though, because the camera used was a bit… jank. Oh well, at least I actually captured images on film! Haha. Ok, well ciao! Will post the images soon, I hope!

Some of my Photography

So, I applied for this photography internship last week, and took a couple pictures to send in with my cover letter. The studio has sort-of retro/pin-up style, so that’s what I tried to evoke with my pictures as well. They haven’t replied to me, which sucks because I really wanted that internship, but alas, here are the pictures! The model is my sister, and I also styled her and did her makeup.


This last dress my mom found at a thrift shop for about $10, a legit 50s silk dress. Pretty cool. The middle dress is CK, found at TJMaxx, and the first also bought at a thrift store.

Let me know if you like them! I love photography so much, and we have been doing some more photo shoots recently. We even did an alien themed one this morning! Maybe I’ll throw some of those pictures up here later :) Ciao!

Studly Studs (and Spikes)

So lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about studding stuff. Those fancy studded shorts that are so popular are so cute, when done properly. So, here is a bunch of studly inspiration! I’m definitely going to buy some studs of off Etsy.com soon, so cheap!! And now commences the studliness.

Studded Bustier LARGE Corset Floral Silver OR Gold Studs

Seriously, this is so cute! When I was looking for my prom dress earlier, I considered making my own, and using a bustier with a TON of fabric attached to the bottom was top of my list! Plus, this has that cute mix of girly/motorcycle chic, ya know? Check this girl out! ShopChicStud

I love love this idea! Seriously, if/when I get an iPhone, this is so happening, I never carry my phone in my pockets anyways. But, I’d do really long spikes at the top, and gradually get smaller, so it could sit up by itself. It works in my head, haha. Plus, it’d make me look like a badass (;

So awesome!!!!! I love the blue color, and the studs, and everything about this. So. Cool.

There is so much to do with studs! Can’t wait to order my bag :) Ciao!