Some of my Photography

So, I applied for this photography internship last week, and took a couple pictures to send in with my cover letter. The studio has sort-of retro/pin-up style, so that’s what I tried to evoke with my pictures as well. They haven’t replied to me, which sucks because I really wanted that internship, but alas, here are the pictures! The model is my sister, and I also styled her and did her makeup.


This last dress my mom found at a thrift shop for about $10, a legit 50s silk dress. Pretty cool. The middle dress is CK, found at TJMaxx, and the first also bought at a thrift store.

Let me know if you like them! I love photography so much, and we have been doing some more photo shoots recently. We even did an alien themed one this morning! Maybe I’ll throw some of those pictures up here later :) Ciao!


Studly Studs (and Spikes)

So lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about studding stuff. Those fancy studded shorts that are so popular are so cute, when done properly. So, here is a bunch of studly inspiration! I’m definitely going to buy some studs of off soon, so cheap!! And now commences the studliness.

Studded Bustier LARGE Corset Floral Silver OR Gold Studs

Seriously, this is so cute! When I was looking for my prom dress earlier, I considered making my own, and using a bustier with a TON of fabric attached to the bottom was top of my list! Plus, this has that cute mix of girly/motorcycle chic, ya know? Check this girl out! ShopChicStud

I love love this idea! Seriously, if/when I get an iPhone, this is so happening, I never carry my phone in my pockets anyways. But, I’d do really long spikes at the top, and gradually get smaller, so it could sit up by itself. It works in my head, haha. Plus, it’d make me look like a badass (;

So awesome!!!!! I love the blue color, and the studs, and everything about this. So. Cool.

There is so much to do with studs! Can’t wait to order my bag :) Ciao!

Mid-Summer Playlist, et cetera

Hey y’all, so I’ve been listening to a ton of new music this summer, a lot from Nylon mag and other bloggers, and just in general new-to-me music. So, here are a couple of songs that I’m really loving this summer, in no particular order, and definitely no theme :) Here goes!

1. Red Solo Cup – Toby Keith

2. Power and Control – Marina and the Diamonds (Primadonna is really good too)

3. Living in America – Dom

4. Marry You – Bruno Mars

5. Titanium – David Guetta

6. Settle Down – Kimbra (Also Cameo Lover :)

7. Let’s Kill Tonight – Panic! at the Disco

8. Love is All You Need – The Beatles

9. In the Summertime – Mungo Jerry

10. Blue Jeans – Lana Del Ray

I’ve got this huge playlist going on Spotify, so suggest a couple songs to me! I love all music, so suggest something to me! Ciao!

P.S. If anyone in the Bay knows a photographer who needs an assistant, let me know! I really would love to intern for someone over the summer and beyond! I can provide pictures and a resume.

Paper Flowers

So, I’ve been making a few crafty things for a bridal shower this weekend, and the theme is fiesta. Well, I made some giant tissue paper flowers, and I got to looking around at all the paper flowers that are out in the world, and I thought I’d show you guys some of the awesomeness. They are all so pretty, and I am definitely making some for my room/ceiling :) (Click on the picture for a link/diy)

Paper Flowers, Tissue Paper Flowers, how to make, paper flower, paper tissue flower, tutorial, diy

I absolutely love this garland. It’s the colors that draw me the most! Also, that bear is adorkable.

I have made these before, once for a school art project, and they are so fun, quick, and really cute.

Tissue Paper Flower

This is so cute, and I’ve never seen it before! I really like the little twists at the end of each flower.

OK, well I’ll post soon! <3

Update on 16 Before 17 and me!

Well, it seems like this year has gone by so crazy fast. I have been so busy with school, it’s nuts. Well, I got back my AP scores, and passed both tests! Yippee! I didn’t get top scores, but I’m still pretty happy. I also took the SAT, and got around 1950, so not too shabby. (: Well, I’m signed up for 3 AP classes next year, plus Physics, Yearbook, and Journalism, eek! I’ll have to make it work!

Anywho, on to the update! As I was going back through this, I was surprised at the things that happened, and the things that didn’t, so here we go!

1.  Have a family portrait session done. (There are 17 of us locals!) – Still not done! Family life has been hectic, with half of us moving to a nearby city, and all sorts of craziness.

2. Grow out my nails and stop biting them. – Nope. Working on it.

3. Sew a great outfit! – Nope. However, I did sew a great chiffon maxi skirt (pics to come), and several pieces for a musical at school.

4. Save for my dream car (a vintage, powdery blue or royal blue, slightly rusty Volkswagon Beetle). – I have started a jar for this, but nowhere near enough dough yet.

5. Acquire a Fujimax Instax and film/mucho film for my Polaroid. – DONE! My mom and I photographed a wedding on July 4, and the bride gave me her Instax Wide as a thank you! I literally jumped up and down, it was amazing! Thanks Holly!!

6. Go on a roadtrip. Big or small, camper or not, let’s hit the road! – No, upsettingly. Though, the opportunity may arise sooner rather than later.

7. Stop wearing sweatshirts. Yuck! – Check, except for the really cold/sick days.

8. Completely clean my room, and make it really pretty. – No. In progress.

9. Get my drivers license! – Don’t even have the permit yet. Sigh.

10. Learn tatting. Make a huge owl tat, ala Violet Bella. – Nope.

11. Wear dresses and skirts more. Stop being so self-conscious about your legs! – Yep. This was more about showing my legs, but I am wearing more skirts and shorts.

12. Volunteer at the local library (I hate when the books/dvds etc. aren’t in alphabetical order!) – Although we never actually alphabetize books, yes, I am volunteering, and have been since last August.

13. Knit, spin, crochet more (finish my blanket!!). – No, sadly.

14. Go thrifting more often. – Nope, I’ve been going less than ever before, which feels weird.

15. Smile more. Everyone thinks I’m mean because I don’t smile! – I’m going to cross this off as a halfway completed. I feel like I smile more, but my family still tells me to smile a lot.

16. Be DIY!! – Yes!! More DIY than ever before, which feels great!

17. Get all my Nana’s best/favorite recipes together in a safe, written spot. – Nope, but I guess I realized that my Nana really doesn’t have a lot of recipes, so none to collect. (She usually just throws things together willy-nilly and it tastes good.)

18. Be a better blogger. – Hehehe, FAIL.

19. Sew a quilt from old/vintage sheets – Psh, no.

20. Make this cake! – Well, I didn’t but my friends made it for me! Does that count?

21. Improve my handwriting. – I’m working on it over the summer.

So there you go! Only 8 things completed, woohoo! I’m working on some new inspirational posts, along with showing off some of my creations/goodies! Also, coming up, a playlist? We’ll see. Ta!


Lately, I’ve been really admiring piercings. A few girls at school have their entire earlobes pierced, and I love it! I really want an eyebrow piercing, and have for a few years now. Most people think I shouldn’t… but I really want to! But, I’m kinda chicken about the whole needle thing ): Anyway, here are some awesome pictures of pretty piercings!

While I was researching, I realized that a lot of piercings look gaudy and scary. I prefer the simple, understated piercings a lot more than giant gauges or corset piercings, etc. Just a personal preference that you could probably infer form the pictures :)